Agritourism GUESTHOUSE ZEKO, Aljmas - Location



  • Distance to the beach100 m
  • Distance from ATM50 m
  • Distance from restaurant5 m
  • Distance from city center100 m
  • Distance discotheque0 m
  • Distance to the grocery store50 m

Aljmas, Croatia

Aljmaš is a village in the municipality Erdut, Croatia. Iti si located on the right bank of the River Dunav, on the slopes of Čvorkovac, at an altitude of 93 m. In 260 households live 645 inhabitants (2001) Parts of the village are settlements: Aljmaška Planina and Ušće. The population is mostly engaged in agriculture, as well as construction, catering, trade and tourism.

The main forms of tourism in Aljmaš is religious tourism, given that Aljmaš is famous Marian shrine since 1704. On the feast of the Assumption here pilgrimage large number of believers and tourists - a year and up to 100 000. The Church Gospe od Utočišta, with the statue of Our Lady, was built in 1864, but it was razed to the ground during the Croatian War of Independence. At the site of the old church, was built a new church, as a modern architectural structure.

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